How do I recognise the chauffeur at the airport?

It’s simple! As soon as you clear customs and do the needful, look through the waiting line for your chauffeur who would be holding a known sign or preferably, a board indicating your name. To be more precise, you’ll get a text from the chauffeur before your flight touches the ground, that’s only if you ticked the option and provided your mobile phone number. However, for unprecedented cases, we’ve got you covered. You can easily call….. or dial the chauffeur’s mobile contact number shown on your booking confirmation. We actively recommend that you do not leave the terminal to somewhere else before locating us.

What if my flight arrives early, will I still get my chauffeur?

Yes, as a chauffeur company in the modern world, we take our time to monitor flights. So, we’ll try our level best to arrive early enough.

What if for some reason beyond my control, my flight is seriously delayed and I do not have new flight details?

No need to worry. Just place a call through or shoot us a mail (company’s email address) and stay in touch till we get the new flight details.

Any approximate time it takes to get from Gatwick Airport or Heathrow Airport into central London?

From Heathrow to Central London takes an hour (60minutes) while Gatwick to Central London takes 80minutes. This depends highly on the time of the day and traffic situations.

What do I do if my flight details change?

In this case, quickly place a call through or email us and we will update your booking with the new details provided.

Do fares include parking and tolls?

Parking and tolls are not added. They will be included in your final invoice. However, it’s kept at the barest minimum.

How long before my flight should I arrive at the terminal?

Generally, it’s expected that you arrive about 2-3 hours before your flight unless it’s a domestic flight. Still, do check with your airline from time to time.

What if my flight is delayed?

We monitor your flight from time to time and arrive thirty minutes after the plane has landed to save you the waiting time. But, if for any reason you are being delayed further, we charge waiting time per hour(this depends majorly on the type of vehicle used), we split the hour into fifteen minutes segments.

Will the chauffeur drive beyond any of the speed limits?

A capital NO! We do not allow any of our chauffeurs to go beyond the speed limit.

Will the chauffeur drive carefully and considerately?

Our chauffeurs will always drive safely at reasonable speeds with full compliance to traffic conditions, road and legal speed limits.

Will my chauffeur be discreet and respect my privacy and confidentiality?

Yes, of course. We issue a non-disclosure agreement with each chauffeur. Our chauffeurs are discreet and professional. What is said in the vehicle, stays in the vehicle.

Will my chauffeur chat to passenger(s)?

Our chauffeurs are well-mannered and trained. They will be polite at all times and discreet. If a passenger feels good to ask questions, then the chauffeur will gladly give the needed response.